please read our economiy policy We also have anti inflation policy.

Mean we have price stabilization
So how can we do that?

1- Being listed on a new exchange
2- Advertising operations
3- A shopping platform exclusively usable by Pegasus Coin
4- As you know VPS service usable by Pegasus Coin
5- If we arrive 15000 nodes we start build android wallet
6- Please read our economy policy

Every step include a period of two months.

Begining of warranty policy presales
listing 2 exchance
start Pegasus vps

Step 2
listing 1 exchance
preperation of marketing
wage war with devaluation, influation
supreme roi

Step 3
mobile wallet rating
listing 1 exchance
getting to the shopping center and starting the sale (only pegasus coin)
enumerated new exchange market
the beginning of advertising policy

Step 4
enhancement of sales of marketting
considiration for results of commercials policy
considiration of volume with 24 hours for enumerated new exchange market

Our Reward Policy

Coin Name "Pegasus"
Ticker "peg"
Total Supply "90 milion"
Block Time "60 seconds"
Reward (1 -->9.999 block) "1"
Reward (9.999 -->199.999 block) "250"
Reward (200.000 --->end block) "400"
Staking %10
Masternodes %90
Coll 10000